“Only if you let through every note and every word of the song - it will sound sincere, open and sincere...”


"Music and creativity must be sincere. I have always tried to ensure that my songs bring joy and gave a good mood. Thank you for your support and inspiration!" - Alexander Kogan.


Alexander Kogan, a child interested in music. From his room could be heard the songs of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Chris Isaak. Family and close friends often become spectators of home performances.

At ten years of age, Alexander was at first in my life a big concert in the C / K "Olympic" in Moscow, where he went with his older sister, who at the time worked as a correspondent for a fashion magazine. The future artist was able to see what is happening not only with spectator stands, but also to get to sound check, backstage, and even chat with the musicians. That day and those strong impressions which he experienced - the energy of live music and a full stadium, a standing ovation the audience, the artists emotions on stage became significant in his life.

Alexander Kogan nominated by "Реальной премии Music-Box"

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